Faculty Coordinators:

i) Mr. Virender Dahiya (IITM)

ii) Dr. Mohita Mathur (IINTM)

  • Maximum number of participants allowed are 5
  • Time limit : 2+1 minutes
  • Props will be provided
  • Judgment will be based on idea, creativity, and manner of presentation.
  • Negative marking will be done if time limit exceeds and also if number of participant exceeds.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Mr. Pankaj (IITM)

ii) Ms. Annu Aggarwal (IINTM)

  • All sounds are caused by the approved human organs (No claps and tapping of feet allowed).
  • Time limit: 1+1 minutes.
  • 1 microphone will be provided on stage.
  • Negative marking will be done if time limit exceeds.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Mr. Rohit (IITM)

ii) Ms. Kanu Raheja (IINTM)

  • 1 artist and 1 model permitted.
  • Time limit- 2 hours
  • Models may not paint themselves.
  • The competition is strictly brush and sponge only.
  • The artist must work alone. No assistance permitted.
  • Participants have to bring their own model and materials.
  • Judgement will be done on the basis of creativity, use of colours and overall impression


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Savita (IITM)

ii) Ms. Sushma Malik (IINTM)

  • Two participants per team(1 boy/ 1 girl).
  • Time limit : 3+2 minutes.
  • Judges decision will be final.
  • Props, dresses, stationery, special equipments etc will not be provided. Participants are requested to bring their own props.
  • Late entries will not be allowed.
  • Negative marking will be done if time limit is exceeded.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Leena Chopra (IITM)

ii) Dr. Ramandeep Kaur (IITM)

ii) Ms. Ms. Bharti (IINTM)

  • All the accompanists and participants must be of the same college.
  • Only one team per college will be allowed to participate.
  • Time limit: 6+2 minutes. Negative marks for exceeding the time limit.
  • Number of participants: 2-14.
  • The teams should carry an official letter from their respective institute signed by the competent authority mentioning the names of the participants.
  • Props may be used only with prior permission of the event head coordinator.
  • Participants/teams will have to bring the props on their own. No props will be provided by the managing staff.
  • Each team participating in the event should have their song/music in a pen drive and at least 2 CDs of the same.
  • Participants are advised to reach the venue for theevent 1 hour prior to the commencement of the event for sound check.
  • Participants are advised not to choose indecent songs or costumes for the performance otherwise they may be disqualified from the event.
  • Judgment will be based on coordination, quality of songs (music), synchronization, energy level, costumes, makeup, expressions and overall effects.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Nidhi Ahuja (IITM)

ii) Ms. Priyanka Anand (IINTM)

  • Number of participants can be 2-6(including accompanist).
  • Judgment will be based on quality of singing, synchronization, co-ordination and actions of the team.
  • Time limit: 4+1 minutes.
  • Western, Bollywood and Folk songs are allowed.
  • Only 1 instrument is allowed. No instruments would be provided by the institute.
  • No cords (leads) will be provided; participants have to carry their own cords.
  • Marks would get deducted if the time limit exceeds and the number of performers exceeds.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Dr. Vikas Bharara (IITM)

ii) Mr. Nishant (IINTM)

Love IPL? Want to own a team? We bring you a mock IPL auction. Bid for the players you love and make your dream team. Place your bets wisely or else you will be clean bowled, because the winner takes it all.

  • Maximum four participants per team.
  • Maximum of 8 teams will be allowed for the auction.
  • Teams will be selected on first come first basis.
  • Each team will be provided with some virtual money, which can be considered as the individual team budget. Teams will have to bid for players and buy them.
  • AT ANY MOMENT OF THE GAME, Teams crossing the stipulated budget stand to be disqualified.
  • Maximum of four overseas players are allowed in a team.
  • Players are categorized. So by the end of the auction, the structure of the team should look like:
    • 3-BATSMEN

    • 4-BOWLERS




  • Teams not satisfying the mandatory structure as above will also be disqualified.
  • UNSOLD players to be put up for auction at TEAMS request or on demand.
  • THE PLAYERS LIST will be provided at the registration desk at the time of registration and the grades of players will be revealed only at the AUCTION TABLE.
  • Teams are expected to maintain discipline and only members should go the bid strictly.
  • Point Structure
  • Point Structure :-
  • - GRADE A - 15 POINTS
    - GRADE B - 12 POINTS
    - GRADE C - 8 POINTS


  • The teams with maximum number of points wins.
  • In case of a tie: The amount left for tied teams will be checked. The team with maximum amount of funds left will be the winning team.
  • In case of same amount left the tied teams will have to nominate the best batsmen of the team and ODI statistics of the players will be checked head to head. The team with the better player wins.
  • The winning team will be granted a cash price along with certificates.
  • The runner up team will be granted certificates


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Manika (IITM)

ii) Ms. Sushma (IINTM)

  • The total time is sixty seconds, inclusive of all the time that all the speakers in a given round are allowed to speak.
  • Points are given in the following manner :
  • a)-> Positive points for every second that you speak

    b)-> Positive points for every correct objection

    c)-> Negative points for every incorrect objection

    d)-> Negative points for every incorrect objection

  • You get a penalty if the competition objects on any of the following counts :
  • a)-> You object out of turn

    b)-> You stutter, stammer, and generally indulge in “time-wasting tactics”. These include efforts to buy time like interspersing your talk with “uhh”, “aah” etc...

    c)-> Early start and late start

    d)-> Speaking too fast or too slow

    e)-> Grammatical errors

    f)-> Undue stress on words, undue emphasis in the sentences

    g)-> Repetition of a previously used idea

    h)-> Not following the “random rules” as set by the JAM master. For example, the most popular random rule was “Praise Guntas before objecting”. If you forget to do so or the JAM master thinks that the praise was not good enough, you will not be allowed to object and lose points for an incorrect/bad objection


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Priti (IINTM)

ii) Mr.Vivek Verma (IITM)

  • Team participation of 5 members.
  • Judgment on the basis of time taken to solve the murder mystery.
  • Any loss or damage to the college property and in-disciplinary behavior will lead to disqualification. Fine for damage will also be charged.
  • Clues should be searched only in the permitted area provided.
  • Only the winning team from each round will be promoted to the final round.
  • Participants must carry their college ID cards.
  • All the clues should be submitted to the coordinator, misplacement of clue will lead to disqualification.
  • All the team members of the team should present the clues together.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Anamika (IITM)

ii) Ms. Manpreet (IINTM)

  • Maximum number of participants per team: 22 (including accompanists/instrumentalists), minimum 10 participants.
  • Use of make-up, lights and mikes not allowed.
  • Time Limit: 20+2 minutes (including set up).
  • Props allowed (Lathi, Dry colours, placards, etc.). Use of any electronic gadget, fire, smoke machine, or any other bulky props not allowed.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Mr. Ashish Nayyar (IITM)

ii) Mr. Ankit (IINTM)

  • It is an individual competition.
  • Participants are requested to bring their own digital camera or DSLR’s. Photography done by mobile phone is not allowed.
  • Participants will be responsible for their camera. Institute will not take any responsibility for the same.
  • Theme: Moments of the fest (Fiesta).
  • Participants have to cover each and every event on both the days of the fest.
  • Participants have to submit their best 50 photos in a CD (2 copies) on (SO-SO DATE) at the reception of the institute.
  • Judgement will be done on the basis of originality, technical excellence and the artistic merit.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Neha Gehlawat (IITM)

ii) Ms. Kanika Dhingra (IINTM)

  • A team will consist of 2-3 members.
  • One member will draw the sketch on board; the other members of the team have to guess.
  • The member who will be drawing the sketch is not supposed to communicate through words or actions. This will result in disqualification of the team.
  • There will be three rounds each round will elimination round.
  • ROUND 1

  • The first round will be of 60 seconds, if the members are not able to guess then they will be eliminated.
  • In this round they have to guess the object.
  • ROUND 2

  • The second round is of 90 seconds, if the member are not able to guess then they will be eliminated.
  • In this round they have to guess opposite words.
  • ROUND 3

  • The third and the final round will be of 2 minutes.
  • In this round they have to guess the idioms or phrases.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Ruby Dahiya (IITM)

ii) Ms. Kanika (IINTM)

  • Only team entries are eligible with maximum two persons.
  • Participants are not allowed to use mobile phones or other electronic devices.
  • Replacement of any other participant of a team is not allowed after registration
  • There are four rounds in the quiz :-
    • Round 1- Bolly Holly Quiz

    • Round 2- Current Affairs

    • Round 3- Logo Identification


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Neha Jain (IITM)

ii) Ms. Madhu (IINTM)

  • All the participants should arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the event starts.
  • Each participant is given 2 hrs of time. Should start and finish on time. No extra time will be given.
  • Participant has to bring her own material (Color sand/glue/markers/pencils/stencils/plastic flowers any other decorative material).
  • ******Permanent markers are not allowed*********

  • Judges decision is final no other arguments are entertained


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Renu Rai (IITM)

ii) Ms. Vandana Jain (IITM)

iii) Ms. Suruchi (IINTM)

There will be 4 games:-

  • Paper Toss :-
    1. A team will consist of only 2 members.
    2. One player will be blind folded and will throw paper balls and other member has to catch these balls using a bucket.
    3. The team which will have maximum number of balls after 1 minute will be the winner.
  • Guide Me :-
    1. A team will consist of only 2 members.
    2. One team member will be blind folded, who will be guided by the other team member through obstacle course.
    3. If the blind folded member touches any obstacle, then the team will be disqualified.
  • Moving Up :-
    1. It’s an individual game.
    2. To play it, 39 cups are stacked with one black cup at the bottom, and players race the clock to cycle the black cup through the stack.
    3. The player to finish the cycle first, wins.
  • Make It Fall :-
    1. It’s an individual game.
    2. Some cups will be placed on a table.
    3. All you need to do is inflate a balloon and use the air to push cups off of a table.
    4. If any player uses hands to make the cups fall, the player will be disqualified.
    5. The player to finish first, wins.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Renu Choudhary (IITM)

ii) Ms. Sonal (IINTM)

  • Number of participant is 1.
  • Time limit: 3+1
  • Judgment will be based on expressions, moves, synchronization, makeup, overall effects.
  • Props are allowed, but will not be provided by the institute.
  • Marks would get deducted if the time limit exceeds and the number of performers exceeds.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Shilpa Taneja (IITM)

ii) Ms. Neeti Chopra (IINTM)

  • Number of participant is 1.
  • 1 accompanist is allowed & only 1 instrument is allowed(with the accompanist or with the performer).
  • If the performer is playing the instrument by himself, then there shall be no accompanist.
  • Time limit: 3+1 minutes
  • Judgment will be based on general qualities like rhythm, synchronization, and general impression, etc..
  • Western, Bollywood & folks songs are allowed.
  • No distortion pedals will be provided..
  • No chords (leads) will be provided.
  • Marks would get deducted if the time limit exceeds and the number of performers exceeds.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Asha Chauhan (IITM)

ii) Dr. Priyanka Murria(IINTM)

  • There can be 5 - 16 members in a team. Only one team per college.
  • Time limit is 6+2 minutes.
  • Participants should carry two CDs to avoid technical problems; one shall be submitted to the event coordinator prior to the event.
  • No props allowed.Lighting of candles, match sticks and cigarette are strictly not allowed.
  • Participants will be judged on their costumes, formations, coordination, energy and overall performance.
  • Negative marking for exceeding time limit and members.
  • Music should not contain abusive or emotive work.
  • If dancers perform any dangerous stunts/moves they are responsible for their injuries.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Nidhi Srivastava (IITM)

ii) Dr. Rashmi (IINTM)

  • Maximum 2 participants in a team.
  • Team should have a unique name of the dish.
  • Participants have to bring their own material.
  • All material should be raw.
  • Dishes should be purely vegetarian.
  • Preparation and presentation time is 1 hour.
  • Procedure of cooking should be explained during judgment.
  • Judgment should be based on innovation, presentation, taste and cleanliness of the area.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Bhavna Tyagi (IITM)

ii) Ms. Akanksha (IINTM)

  • Individual participation.
  • Time limit: 4 + 1 minutes.
  • Judgment will be based on qualities like idea, creativity of presentation, use of makeup, music and general impressions.
  • Negative marking will be done if time limit exceeds.


Faculty Coordinators:

i) Ms. Tripti Lamba (IITM)

ii) Ms. Ankita (IINTM)

  • There will be 3 rounds, which are as follows:-
    • Introduction
      1. Time allotted: 2 minutes.
      2. It can be as creative as you imagine. Emotional, funny, artistic, dramatic, simple – whatever you are comfortable with.
    • Talent Round
      1. Time allotted: 3-4 minutes.
      2. Participants need to inform beforehand what all support will they need on stage.
    • Personality Contest
      1. This would be a questionnaire round.
      2. Participants are supposed to give sensible and smart answers.
  • The selection will be done by eminent personalities in the field of art and culture.
  • Judgment will be done on the basis of participant’s personality, intelligence, versatility and the vocal delivery.